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At Reliant Storage Solutions we pay special attention to maintaining a clean, neat and well-lit facility for your comfort and security.
Move In Guide:
Choosing the right space.
Where to put things
Put the things you'll use most often near the front of your unit. Place breakable items away from the center aisle. Put televisions, VCR's, stereos and other valuables near the rear of your unit.
Disassemble your furniture, if possible. Or store it top down on the floor, with the legs wrapped and pointing up. Cover all furniture and place on pallets. Try not to stack or lean furniture against outer walls.
Large Appliances
Clean your appliances before you store them. Keep refrigerator and freezer doors slightly open. There's also plenty of available storage space inside your large appliances.
Wardrobe boxes keep your clothes neat and clean. Shoes can be conveniently stored on the bottom of wardrobes. Other clothes can be packed in smaller boxes or placed in dresser drawers.
Dish-pack boxes are your best bet for delicate items such as china and glass. Wrap each item separately and be sure to pack paper in the top, bottom and empty spaces. Mirrors and pictures should be placed in special boxes
Garage Items
To avoid rust on tools and bicycles, wipe on a few drops of oil before packing. Avoid storing next to furniture. Fold or remove handles to garden equipment. Always drain fuels completely.
Many of our customer's homeowner's insurance policies cover their goods that are stored. In case you do not have "Off Premises Coverage", we offer you the opportunity to purchase coverage through Bader Co., one of the largest providers of personal property insurance in the United States.
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